How do you moderate a conference call?

When setting up a fixed conference room free of charge, you will receive a conference PIN as well as a moderator PIN. With the Moderator PIN, you can identify as a moderator when you dial into your conference call. This provides you with some additional control features that you can run through your phone keyboard:

Get #1 attendees ‘ name: Play all recorded names of conference attendees

#2 Number of participants: Names the number of all participants in the current conference

# # Quit Conference: Instant Ending Conference Call Immediately for All Participants

* 5 Locking/Unlocking conference room: Prevents other attendees from dialing into the conference room – even with the right PIN

* 7 On-/Turn off presentation mode: All other conference attendees are muted; By pressing * 7 again, returns to normal mode

Important note: For security reasons, the conference call does not start until the moderator has dialed in. Until then, the other participants will listen to waiting music.