Moderating a telephone conference – you should be aware of this

In almost all telephone conferences there is one participant who moderates the conference. A moderator is particularly useful for telephone conferences with more than five participants.

The moderator controls the conference and usually also takes care of the previous organisation (see also blog article Organising a telephone conference.

Extra dial-in with moderator PIN

The moderator uses a separate moderator PIN for dialing into the telephone conference. With easyAudio, he receives this PIN automatically with the registration. This access provides the moderator with special control functions for the telephone conference.

With easyAudio, the telephone conference does not start until the moderator dials into the conference. Until then, the other participants of the conference will hear music on hold.

Moderating the Conference Call

When moderating a telephone conference, the aim is to use the appointment productively and efficiently. In addition to a smooth process, this includes, above all, the active integration of conference topics.

1. introduction of the participants

First, the moderator welcomes the participants of the telephone conference. The moderator can first announce the participants, but afterwards each participant should introduce himself.

This allows the remaining participants to assign the voice to the person. In addition, the moderator can determine whether the participant is easy to understand or whether his telephone connection should be a little louder or quieter. (With easyAudio you can adjust the volume of the line by pressing the key combination *4.)

2. schedule of the conference

At the beginning of the conference the moderator informs the participants about the course of the conference call. For this purpose he presents the agenda and the objective of the deadline.

The moderator controls the course of the telephone conference, keeps an eye on the agenda and, of course, the clock, so that the appointment does not run out of time.

3. define conference rules

The moderator should communicate a few rules for the conference call. Especially with a large number of participants, rules for a smooth conference call are important.

  • Every participant should say his name at the beginning of his speech.
  • Background noise should be avoided
  • It is best for the participants to mute their own line when they are not speaking.
    (Mute/unlock your own line with key combination *6 )
  • All participants should follow the conference call in a concentrated manner.

4. involving the participants

The moderator actively addresses the participants and requests contributions for the telephone conference. If anything is unclear, he asks questions or summarises the contents again in a way that all participants can understand.

5. summarize results

The moderator summarizes important results already during the conference. At the end of the conference call, the appointment objective is repeated and compared with the result.

If there is no contradiction to the result, the date is then summarised in a result protocol.

Start conference call

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