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Conference calls about service numbers such as 01803 or 01805 are becoming more and more widespread. Whether it’s conference calls with colleagues, sales partners or customers – more and more people are resorting to these convenient conference call services.

Conference calls about
Service Numbers – The Benefits

The advantages of a conference call via a service number are obvious:

  • Fair cost-sharing
  • Minute billing
  • No fixed contract term
  • No extra bill

Fair cost-sharing conference calls

Conference calls with (automatic) cost sharing are only available when using conference calls via service numbers. That’s arguably the biggest advantage with this phone call service.

Each participant in the conference call pays their own costs by using the service number. Billing is done automatically via phone billing.

More information on costs and billing can be found here: Conference Call Costs

Minute billing

Conference calls with minute-by-minute billing: One price per minute – 24/7. There are conference call services that offer a 01805 service number as dial-in numbers. These cost €0.14 per minute from the landline.

At easyAudio, you can use a cheap 01803 number as a dial-in number. You only pay 9 cents per minute from the German landline (maximum €0.42/min from German mobile networks).

The price always remains the same – even when using the moderator PIN, which provides additional features for the conference call. Of course, there is no basic fee or minimum usage at easyAudio.

No fixed contract term

Telephone conferences via service numbers do not have a fixed contract term. This means that you are not tied to a single provider in the long term and remain flexible in your choice of telephone conference service.

No extra bill

A telephone conference service without a separate invoice saves your accounting department additional work. No extra invoice needs to be booked, released and paid.

The cost of using the telephone conference is included in the classic telephone bill. This also eliminates the need to allocate the costs to a cost center, as the party responsible for the costs is the owner of the connection (regardless of whether the connection is landline or mobile).

International telephone conferences with easyAudio

With easyAudio there is another advantage. The telephone conferences can also be reached from abroad via the corresponding service numbers. The principle of cost sharing therefore also applies to telephone conferences with foreign countries.

An overview of all available dial-in numbers can be found here: Conference Calls International

Start conference call

Are you convinced by the advantages of the telephone conference service via a service number? With a free conference PIN for easyAudio you can start your conference callimmediately.