Join the meeting as a participant

There are two ways to join a meeting as a participant:

If you do not have one of the browsers listed in the system requirements, we recommend that you download our app (MacOS or Windows) to use the screen sharing function. The conference control is available in every browser.

  • Select “I am a participant”.
  • You will now be asked for a share for notifications of the app. Please confirm this.
  • Enter your name and the participant PIN in the following dialog and click on Start.
  • Please indicate which channel you want to use to connect to the conference
    • Dial in by telephone: The available dial-in numbers and the subscriber PIN are displayed.
    • Let me call: If your moderator has enabled this option, you can specify the phone number at which you want to be called for this meeting.
    • Connect via PC: With this option, you are dialed into the conference directly via your PC and without the presence of another telephone via your headset.
    • Already dialed in: If you have already dialed into the conference, you will be shown your personal PIN, which you can enter via the telephone keypad.
  • You are now successfully logged in to the meeting.